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What is ShopSe?

ShopSe facilitates purchases on instant No Cost EMIs at your favorite online website or a shop. There is no documentation required. You can discover your EMI offer and complete your purchase in 2 steps. With ShopSe you are assured of the best EMI offers available at the merchant.

Where can I shop using ShopSe?

ShopSe is available on thousands of shops in multiple cities. We are expanding rapidly and will keep you updated on the stores we add near you. Spot the ShopSe QR on the merchants to know if they accept payments through us.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still use ShopSe?

Yes, we support pre-approved EMIs from various banks which don't require you to have any credit card.

My debit card is not supported. How can I use ShopSe?

You can always try another credit/debit card. We will soon be adding other means for you to complete your purchase on EMI.

Why do I have to add my card details?

The EMI transactions are done using your card. Adding them beforehand will let us do a quick check if your card is eligible for EMI transaction and pull the best offers available.

Is it safe to provide the card details to ShopSe?

Yes, At ShopSe, we adhere to all security standards prescribed by the Payment Card Industry. ShopSe is PCI DSS certified, which makes sure that no unauthorised person can access sensitive payment data over the internet. ShopSe is also ISO 27001 certified, making it adhere to internationally recognized best practices when it comes to security.

What is my Credit Limit?

Your credit limit is defined by your bank. You can discover the limit while doing your transaction. If you have a credit card, you can purchase upto your available credit limit.

I am having issues with the order delivery. Whom should I contact?

You should contact the shop from where you made the purchase. If the matters are not getting resolved, you can drop you can call us on 022-49390009 or mail on care@getshopse.com

Why my transaction amount is different from the price quoted by merchant?

This is due to the special upfront discount available on ShopSe to make your EMI a No cost/low cost EMI!

How will I pay my EMIs back?

If you have a credit card, the EMI will be billed to you in your monthly statement. If you transacted using a debit card/pre-approved EMI, the amount will be automatically debited from your bank account.

When will be my first EMI due date?

For Credit cards, the first EMI wiil be billed in your next statement. For Debit cards you will get the message from your bank regarding your payment schedule. Contact them for any further details.

How can I cancel my transaction?

You should get in touch with the merchant and they will facilitate the refunds for your transactions.

How do I contact ShopSe team?

You can call us at 022-49390009 or drop a mail on care@getshopse.com

What will be the interest rates charged?

The interest rates are deteremined by your bank. You can see them during the transaction. However ShopSe provides you discounts to make your EMIs more affordable.

Why can’t I see more tenure options?

ShopSe provides all possible options that are allowed by the bank.

What happens if I fail to pay my EMIs on time?

ShopSe is only facilitating your transaction. You pay your EMIs directly to the bank. If you fail to pay your dues in time, bank will get in touch with you.

How do I pay at the store?

You can scan the ShopSe QR displayed at the merchant store using ShopSe app. You can also provide the merchant your phone number and you will get a link on SMS to make your payment.

I have received a link from the shop owner, what is this?

You can make the payment on EMI for your purchase using this link.

I want partial cancellation and refund of my order.

Partial cancellation is not allowed for the purchase you made through ShopSe.

Are there any additional charges to avail the EMI facility?

You will not be charged any additional charges for Credit card transactions. However, for ICICI and HDFC debit card a one time fee of Rs 199 or Rs 99 will be charged respectively. This will charged along with your first EMI.