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What is ShopSe?

ShopSe is an Instant EMI app, that helps your customers to buy now and pay in easy installments. There is no documentation required from the customers. ShopSe helps you to increase your sales by - 1) Attracting customers with "No Cost EMI" Feature 2) Providing EMI options through multiple banks 3) Giving Best customer experience and live transaction support Increase your sales by using ShopSe!

What do you mean by "No Cost EMI" ?

No Cost EMI is feature where in your customer does not have to pay any interest on the product amount. The interest amount is given in the form of upfront discount, which helps in higher sales. For example, if a product price is 15000, the customer will pay 5000 per month for a 3 month period.

How much time will the customer neeed to complete the purchase?

Customer can complete the purchase instantly through ShopSe link. There is no documentation required from the customer.

Is there any documentation required from the customer?

No. It is an instant EMI without any paperwork. The user just needs to have a Credit Card (or) Debit Card of select banks.

Will the EMI offer be available for all the customers?

The EMI facility is available on select credit cards and debit cards as per banks' policy.

How will I know if the transaction was successful?

You will receive a notification in your app, SMS on your registered number and an email on your registered email ID. You can also check the status of the transaction in the app.

Can I refund a transaction?

Yes. You can initiate a refund for a transaction as per the refund policy of your company. Refunds from ShopSe will be allowed only if you have a credit balance with us. If the balance is not available, you will have to pre-fund our account following which we can initiate the refund to customer. For more understanding, reach out to us on ops@getshopse.com

Can I partially refund a transaction?

No, we do not allow partial refund of transactions.

Where can I check all my past transactions?

Click on " Transactions" tab and you will see all your previous transaction history.

How do I contact the ShopSe team?

You can call us at 022-49390009 or drop a mail on care@getshopse.com