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What is ShopSe?

ShopSe facilitates purchases on Instant No Cost EMIs using your credit / debit cards. Completely digital, we ask for no documentation. Rest assured, you will find the best No-Cost EMI options available in the market only on ShopSe.

Why is my transaction amount different from the price quoted by the merchant?

This is due to the special discount available on ShopSe to make your EMI a No cost/Low cost EMI! Enjoy!

How will I pay my EMIs back?

Your bank will automatically debit your savings A/C for monthly payments for EMIs on due dates. Please make sure you keep sufficient balance in your account to cover for the EMI amount.

My transaction is successful. When is my first EMI due?

Your first EMI is due in 30 days from the day of transaction.

What if I forget or fail to pay my EMI on time?

The EMIs will be automatically deducted from your account. In case the payment does not go through, it will impact your bureau score negatively. You shall also be liable to make the full loan payment in case you default on your EMI.

How do I contact ShopSe team?

You can call us at 022-49390009 or drop a mail on care@getshopse.com. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

How does Debit Card EMI work?

You can now avail EMI using your Debit Card. You do not need to have the entire amount payable in your account at the time of transaction. The bank will not block any amount on your card or account for the payment of upcoming EMI's. The bank provides you with pre-approved loan facility and will deduct the EMI amount every month from your account on a particular date, first of which is 30 days from the day of transaction.

Are there any additional charges if I do not repay on time?

The bank may charge additional penalties in case the repayment is not made on time. This can be confirmed by calling AXIS bank customer care at 18604195555.

Can I make a pre-payment or foreclose the loan?

Yes. You may close the loan any time by contacting Axis bank's customer care team.

How do I contact AXIS Bank?

You can find more details about EMI on debit card here - https://www.axisbank.com/retail/cards/debit-cards/useful-links/debit-card-benefits You can get in touch with Axis bank customer care on - 18604195555.